My Successful Bikini Body Workout Guide

How I lost sixty(60) pounds in 4 months using only natural techniques and procedures and the right guidance?

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How to get that perfect Bikini body?

It is a desire of almost every woman on Earth to possess that beautiful, slim looking body that can be just perfect to wear the bikini at the beach and to flaunt the hot body to earn appreciation from every known person as well as strangers. Are you really looking for one, but do not know how to get that type of body, then continue reading!

Where to start?

Although there are several products sold in the market, with each of them claiming to be the best, you are finding that it is not working for you. Some are expensive, while others are simply a dud, with no results being shown, after all those efforts and pain put into it. Besides being disappointed thoroughly, you may find your precious money to be wasted, with no results to be seen. You could be frantic to see your body gets transformed like the supermodel or celebrity that you have always been following. Then what needs to be done? To know more, go through this material and you are sure to find the answer!

Achieving the objective

To begin with, what you require to get that perfect bikini body shape is to get hold of a good bikini body guide, one that comes with proven results and is effective. It also needs to make use of natural ways to reach your objective in style and with minimum effort and time. Can you aim for having your body to lose a good amount of pounds to get that beautiful shape and become a head turner within 4 months? Yes, it is very much possible! Read further to know the miracle ways to get in good shape and be the center of attraction.

Although, you have been duped by other so called different ‘wonderful and miraculous’ expensive programs, you should not leave hope, since there are present natural ways and means by which you can realize your dream and become envy of all women around you, who might start panicking at your presence!

Staying positive

Before trying to do anything related to losing weight and achieving that dream figure, you need to start with a positive attitude. This is one of the common mistakes which most women tend to make as they negative vibes about themselves. With positive thoughts running in the mind all the times, you can get the results much faster and change your life for the better. You need to visualize of achieving it, to get that body by losing extra weight, so that success can be availed. Also, you are to repeat affirmations by yourself as much possible and visualize yourself of having a wonderful body to die of! You need to look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself to be the next model having that favorite bikini figure.

A better way to do it can be to find picture of a model on the computer and have your head superimposed onto the model’s head so as to make it appear like you are in that pose. Having it printed and keeping one in the wallet and another in the bedroom or for that any other room can definitely help you to realize your objective much quickly. What you need to understand is that availing that bikini body does require you to pursue a tough road and take lots of commitment as well as plenty of hard work. At the same time, trying to maintain positive attitude is very much essential to keep you on proper track, so that you can derive what you have always wanted.

You may come across few bumps and hiccups often, but having a good, proven and reliable bikini body workout guide is sure to help you overcome these issues and to get closer to the objective much faster than you would have really imagined.

You are well aware of the fact that you will be appreciated and have people from the opposite sex trying to impress you, only if you have that hot looking body. Otherwise, you are sure to be neglected and made to feel as if you simply cease to exist when in the crowd! Are you one of them and want to escape this humiliation. Then the different ways mentioned below might help you. You need to know more before you get hold of the much popular and sold workout routines for women and guide that is explained here for your understanding and benefit. By availing the right guidance, not only can you witness transformation in the shape of your body in just a few days, but in four months or so, you can see yourself to become a magnetic attraction, when you put on the bikini walking past by hordes of men at the beach! As you grow old, you can simply look back your photos and brag as to how attractive you had been in younger days. If this is what you desire, then read further.

How to get bikini body – Some ways to enjoy having that beautiful slim body and to lose weight naturally

  • Consuming fewer calories regularly than normal: By burning more calories that what is consumed, you can lose weight! To avail the best results, you need to carry out this task for a couple of months. But, does this mean, you need sacrifice your favorite foods and be left hungry, craving for something to eat! Does this also mean, you are starving and this crash diet is simply making you feel less energetic and more tired! What you need to understand is that you are to have a well balanced meal, having all essential nutrition and other necessary elements for the body to grow and repair in the right quantity. If not, you may fall sick. Hence, you need to consult a nutritionist, who may guide you. But, can the best bikini body be derived? A question, to the answer of which lies below.
  • Performing cardio on empty stomach: You are to ensure that there is no carbs present in your system, prior to performing cardio. In this manner, you can burn fat and avoid burning of carb calories present in the muscles. For deriving more energy to perform cardio harder, you would be needed to take calorie free caffeine drink. With so many products available in the market, you are to select a good one, made from natural ingredients only. Supplements might prove to be expensive and you may not be able to continue it due to lack of funds.
  • Hitting the gym regularly: According to experts, the natural way to lose weight and have that wonderful body is to hit the gym. But to get the best results, you are required to perform the right type of exercises and perform it correctly from time to time. Also, it needs to be complemented with a well balanced diet to get quick results. The bikini body can be termed to be more about having stubborn body fat burnt off and less with regards to muscle building. Again you might be averse to workouts and within a few days of beginning the exercises, stop it altogether. This is sure not to give you the desired results. Then how to achieve the best bikini body? Read on to find out more.
  • Getting tanned: Getting tanned at least for 10 to 15 minutes at a reputed tanning salon for about 10 sessions is likely to provide you with some color and make body to look appealing. Furthermore, you are required to apply regularly lotions for making your skin glow. This does sound expensive as the professionals would mean having to spend money and to buy a good lotion that is just right for your sensitive skin. It is possible on your part to have that gorgeous looking, glowing skin minus UV factor. Some additional work undertaken is sure to go a very long way for giving you a glowing, even appearance. Exfoliation is very much essential, since dead skin cells may attract fake tan, thereby creating blotch appearance. Hence, you are required to select gradual tanner, having light formula, which will help you to avail better application technique and try to keep blotches to the minimum. Then what needs to be done to get an attractive looking bikini body naturally?

Other useful tips to get that bikini body

There are indeed other useful tips that you can use to enjoy having that fabulous slim body, which can become envy to all your friends. Going through the bikini body workout plan and availing it can really help.

  • Water: According to health and medical experts, you need to drink plenty of water. It is very much crucial for your body so that it can function at its optimal level. Also, it can effectively diminish cellulite and bloating and provide you with a natural glowing skin.
  • Food: You need to make sure that you stop consuming processed junk foods that are easily available in the market. Also, you should avoid those oily, fatty, sugary foods. But this does not mean, you need to eliminate all those good, essential fatty foods. Rather, you need to opt for having fresh vegetables, lean meat, eggs and fruits in your regular diet. It would be really wise on your part to keep portions frequent and small, while limiting alcohol. Although boring it may sound, you are required to make some sacrifices, to that you can fit into those enviable swimsuits.

Your best bikini body begins now!

With the right approach and guidance, you can ensure wearing the bikini with great confidence and walk in style and be appreciated by those around you. By starting now, not only would you appear good, but also will be much stronger and have plenty of energy within you.

Top tips for having that bikini body

  • You are to be determined and be strong mentally to derive that beautiful bikini body. The fact is that no one can get by accident that hot bikini body (especially if you have cross age of twenty).
  • You need to lift weights. Although you may prefer yoga and pilates, strength training is likely to help your body to be toned shapely much faster. There is no need for you to bulk up. Following the bikini body workouts guide is sure to help you appear lean and long.
  • It can be tough to be confident wearing the bikini, in case, you have body fat in excess. Hence, for burning maximum fat, you are required to avoid reading magazines on treadmills and to increase the intensity. There is no need to sprint out, but to avoid the feeling of having some conversation during the session. In case, you find it difficult, then read on how you can lose excess fat quickly and effectively in a natural way by reading further.

What is to be avoided for losing excess weight?

  • Cutting out cola from the diet: This may sound tough, but having the objective very clear in mind, can help you to reach the goal. Cola is considered to be huge diuretic and complete with empty calories. If you feel thirsty, grab for natural or mineral water, whichever suits your preference and budget. Avoiding cola can help you to prevent from being obese. Are you aware that cancer is known to thrive in acidic environment? Therefore, while drinking cola, you actually are creating a potential environment which is enjoyed by cancer! After one cola, it generally takes water about 32 ounces for balancing and alkalizing the body.
  • Detoxing the system: For radical elements, which you may regularly come into contact, the fat cell present in your body tends to act as traps. The toxic elements are present in air that you breathe, awful preservatives and foods that you consume regularly and water you drink. There are present numerous effective methods and ways, by which detoxing of the body system can be done, which includes body wraps, performing exercises, moderate fasting and much more. But, you need to be sure that you are performing all the mentioned activities in a balanced and proper and not overdo it, so as to avoid unwanted consequences. Your local homeopathic experts can also suggest you ways by which you can have your body to be cleansed naturally from all impurities present within it.

Is Tummy tuck a better option to get the desired bikini body?

Tummy tucks are considered to be major surgical techniques and are commonly availed by both men and women across the globe. But the question that arises in the minds of many is, does the procedure really work. The fact is that this procedure, when availed can help to enhance your appearance and to eliminate that extra skin and fat as well as bulging belly on your stomach. If you had a baby recently or lost weight or simply not happy with appearance of the stomach, then you can consider going for this particular procedure.

Tummy tuck is known to be quite different from that of liposuction, which majority of the people often confuses it with. While liposuction focuses mainly on eliminating fat in small pockets, however, not tightening skin on stomach, it is tummy tuck that is known to eliminate those additional skin present. Also, it tightens remaining skin and muscles. This surgical option is quite ideal for people, having lost significant weight recently and also those, who have been trying to achieving their fitness goals.

Can it help you to have that dream bikini body figure? The truth is that tummy tuck should not be treated as any miracle cure to lose weight. You are required to eat properly and in a balanced manner and to exercise from time to time for maintaining the look especially after surgery. But, if you are afraid of the surgical knife, then what are the options left with you to choose? Also, you need to be aware of the expenses involved in performing this surgical procedure, including post surgical recovery period. Moreover, the recovery period, according to medical experts is more and can involve you to spend more than a few weeks to rest at home. Also, it may take a while to recover completely. You may face some discomfort from the procedure, which could lasts for about 4 to 6 months.

Moreover, you would be required to abide by the pre operative and post operative suggestions and advice provided by your surgeon. This can mean a lot of hassle. The entire procedure may cost you thousands of dollars, which automatically means, only those who can afford it can go for it. Are you ready to handle having scar visible across the stomach? Is it possible on your part to be absent from work for a long period of time during and after surgery. Also, you would require supervision for around 24 – 48 hours post surgical period. This means, you need to have someone responsible enough to look after you and your immediate needs and take care of your health. You also would be required to consult your cosmetic surgeon within a week after the procedure and after that periodically, which again means more expenses. You may also experience some kind of sensation and pain in the operated region and feel discomfort. What’s more? The surgeon selected needs to be qualified, experienced and be knowledgeable about the surgical procedure. A wrong choice may mean leaving you writhing in pain and more discomfort for the rest of the life. The procedure expenses are likely to involve pre-operative care, consultation fees, medication, anesthesia, fees to make use of hospital facility, post- operative care, etc.

If you think that you are not ready for all this and fear the surgical knife, then this procedure is definitely not recommended. So you can carry on reading to know more about from my bikini body guide and enjoy having a natural, bikini body.

Getting into shape with Acai Berry!

Another way to have that miracle bikini body at mid age is to provide the body with necessary nutrients. Acai Berry is considered by many to be a natural, revolutionary supplement diet, which when used allows you to enjoy life and to lose weight effectively, while not permitting you to miss out the fun and excitement at the beach wearing that favorite bikini! This particular diet has been made all the more popular globally from being given more exposure especially by several well known TV shows like Food Network along with Rachael Ray and Oprah. It has turned to be one of the most commonly used favorite diets all over the world.

What is Acai Berry?

The Acai Berry is of a grape’s size and is dark purple in color, known to grow only in Amazon rainforest. This fruit had been consumed for more than 300 years by natives of the region. Being considered to be a natural energy booster, this fruit soon became Brazil’s sport elite’s performance choice of drink! It is said to be full of fibers, minerals, vitamins, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids and Anthocyanins and hence, termed to be undoubtedly the most potent of all fruits that exist in the world.

How can this fruit help you to lose weight and derive a beautiful slim body?

This particular fruit can help you to lose weight in two effective ways. Besides increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite, it also assists in cleansing your colon and to eliminate toxic waste, which is trapped within. According to researches, bulging of the belly is more because wastes being trapped within the colon and Visceral fat surrounding abdominal organs. You can combine Acai Berry with Colon Cleansing products to get quick loss of weight, which can be about 15 lbs, within couple of weeks.

Health benefits associated with Acai Berry

  • It helps to enhance metabolism, promotes stronger immune system
  • Necessary amino acids as well as essential trace minerals are present to help rebuild muscles.
  • Body detoxification through high fiber contents
  • Omega 6 & 3 along with healthy fatty acids can help to lower down insulin levels
  • Makes you to feel much healthier and younger
  • It is a natural appetite suppressant and energy booster helping you to burn calories and to accelerate loss of weight.

But to get the best results, you are required to have real and authentic Acai Berry based products. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with fakes, which does not provide any result and hence, is just waste of money. This is where I suggest you to go for bikini body workouts guide which can help you to better understand as what is to be done and how to do it, to get that enviable bikini body in couple of months and to be in great shape.

What types of exercises are suited to having that bikini body?

Althouth there are several types of exercises presents, not all can help you to get the desired shape. They may cut on fat, but not at the right place. Hence for deriving that bikini body figure, you are to know the right kind of exercises and also perform it correctly, so as to benefit from it

The so called exercises are marketed by several entrepreneurs over the web, thereby making it all the more difficult for you to choose one. Some may promise you to get the results within just four weeks, while some propagate complete body workout , miracles for minuscule workout and fat blasting training having a price tag that is better acceptable in the market. However, what you need to understand is that exercises targeted towards developing bikini body only would not provide the results that are being craved for, since you need combine it with the right kind of diet.

The fact is that getting hold of the perfect diet can prove to become a huge task, but appropriate exercises are required to encompass sculpting and cardio exercise regime for burning right amount of fat at the right place.

In case, you are not that obese or overweight, then I would suggest you to go for swimming or running. But for deriving the right amount and kind of training, continuous swimming and/or running needs to be of duration of more than thirty minutes. For the initial 15 minutes, your body would withstand efforts of body to reach reserves of fat and to try finding energy, wherever possible, while muscles get sufficiently warmed up. The body after half an hour on not being able to find alternative energy sources tends to plow into fat reserves, tends to burn up excess fat that is stored in love handles, buttocks as well as other places, which you desire to have it slimmed down. Muscles pound fat from within and toxic elements leave your body, to help accentuate your overall well being feeling.

Here, I have not been trying to endorse aerobics, Tae Bo or any type of popular hoopla, but to guide you to perform the different bikini body workout programs in an effective manner, to get quick results. What you are required to know is the fact that those celebrities endorsing pilates, aerobics or other forms of exercises are simply doing it for a living and to lure customers for their clients and hence, have nothing to do with the product. Moreover, they employ a private cook, private nutritionist, a personal trainer and this way, they are able to spend a good amount of hours regularly, trying to think about the workout schedules that they need to undertake to be fit and posses a beautiful body. In case, these methods fail to provide that great shape, they can always resort to availing the very best as well as the most expensive surgeon, who can effectively fix little blemishes quickly. But, you may not have this kind of luxury. Therefore, what you require is a sustainable and simple bikini body exercise that provides you with a realistic way to achieve that gorgeous and stunning look that you have always vied for and enjoy attention from others.

The bikini body workout plan that I suggest here is sure not to cost you a fortune, but help you seriously to shape up your body perfectly.

Jen Ferrugia’ s BBW program vs. Kayla Itsines BBG

These two are presently the popularly available bikini body programs. However, from my personal experience, I am providing an honest review that is sure to open up your eyes and help you to select the right one after understanding the pros and cons of each.

Reviewing both the programs

On encountering both the programs, I could experience several similarities between them and also spot the differences quite easily. When it comes to comparison, I have taken into account the program efficiency, cost, ease of use, explanation, simplicity, features, effectiveness, customer support, safety and guarantee of the products.

  • Efficiency: Both can be downloaded onto the smartphone, computer or tablets. When efficiency is concerned, both are fine.
  • Simplicity: Exercises recommended by both are easy to follow and not complicated. It will simply take couple of days for you to learn the exercises as prescribed.
  • Explanation: Detailed pictorial guide has been presented by Kayla in her eBook for performing exercises. However, Jen has explained in details as well as provided videos for demonstrating how the exercises are to be performed, the right way. Hence, it is Jen Ferrugia’s eBook that scores over Kayla’s.
  • Customer support: This is indeed quite an important aspect and cannot be neglected by those who seek a beautiful, slim, bikini body. With regards to a particular issue, I had emailed Jen’s customer support and had received prompt reply with complete support within 24s hours. But, with Kayla’s customer support, things were different, as reply from the officials were received only after five days! BBW offers quicker solution and support and hence, scores better than Kayla’s.
  • Ease of use: The exercises and techniques suggested by both the authors can be performed at the gym or even at home. But, in case, of Kayla’s techniques, you do require minimum of eight different equipments and which you need to purchase if planning to perform at the home or to hit the gym, if not left with any choice. What you require is a kettlebell, two dumbbells, a barbell, a medicine ball, skipping rope, flat bench, yoga mat and foam roller. But, following Jen’s workout schedule is very easy, as you just require 4 equipments and hence, can easily perform it at home. What you need is basic equipments like ropes, bench or chair, dumb bells and resistance band and that’s it! Therefore, requiring lesser equipments, Jen’ s BBW is undoubtedly the best and along with it, you also tend to get detailed explanation as to how to perform workouts the right way in the gym or at home.
  • Safety: When it comes to safety aspects, both the workout plans are not complicated and termed to be safe. Both offer vital tips on how to perform workouts and stay injury free.
  • Features: On ordering BBW, what you would be getting are the three main guides, including 35 video demonstrations. Bikini Body Home Workout, Bikini Body Diet Plan and Bikini Body Gym Workout are the three eBooks that you can receive. Along with it, you also stand to avail ‘21 Day Booty Blast’ as a special bonus, which can assist you enjoy deriving that perky butt. But, in case of Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide, you stand to get just a single eBook/guide. With a bonus, video demonstrations and four different eBooks, Jen’s plans are undoubtedly the best.
  • Guarantee: With Jen’s eBook, you are t o get a sixty day no question asked money back assurance. This effectively means that you can try out this product risk free. But, with Kayla’s product, you are not provided with any guarantee. With money back guarantee being provided the product rendered by Jen, it shows her confidence in herself and ensures that her clients are rendered the results that they expect.
  • Effectiveness: Both the programs can assist you to burn fat as well as get bikini body, provided you follow their guidelines and you are consistent with it. By choosing to follow BBW of Jen, you are to exercise around 30 to 45 minutes and 4 times /week, taking adequate rest in between every session. But with Kayla’s workout program, you are required to exercise regularly, with each session of being around 30 minutes, having no rest day in between.
  • Cost: Both the programs offer advanced and beginner sessions to have a wonderful bikini body. Cost of Level One workout of Jen is $29.99, whereas, for Kayla it is $69.97. By selecting the entire workout program, Jen’s program is about $49.98, while Kayla’s entire program may cost you about $139.94. Jen’s level one workout program offers you with free diet plan, besides the workout plan. This is something not availed with Kayla’s BBG 1.0, but you are required to pay additional amount of $69.97 to get hold of her nutritional guide, thereby making it a bit expensive. With Jen’s workout routine being highly proven and effective and not coming with any hype or gimmicks, it does offer you value worth the investment.

So which one to choose: Kayla Itsines or Jen Ferrgia?

Although both the programs are effective, when all comparisons mentioned above are taken into account, it is Jen’s product that is seen to be the best and superior to Kayla’s and is recommended.

Why to skip Kayla Itsines’ product?

The biggest hang-up noticed in case, of Kayla’s product is the price charged on the product, which is definitely quite expensive. It is termed to be a huge up-front investment especially for short time period. Apart from investing in the e-books, you need to understand that these books are not just the equipments required, but you also would require membership to a gym or to invest in 8 exercise equipments for performing the suggested exercises, which means more expenses to make. Apart from the guides offered, this author does not provide any kind of video based demonstrations, so that it can be easily understood and performed the right way. Also, it does not come with any money back guarantee, unlike that of other workout programs sold online, which means, the author herself, is not confident about her product and hence is not bold enough to challenge her clients to try it out.

So, it can be safely stated that BBW of Jen Ferrugia’s is undoubtedly the winner and recommended for you to try out. I have been able to get the best results within four months and hence, this honest review.

Why should you opt for Jen Ferrugia’s program?

I did have an excellent feeling with regards to Jen Ferrugia’s, right from the moment, I came across their website. The website very clearly states that taking health advice from any pop culture magazine, making weight loss to be the primary objective and starving to lose weight as bad ideas that should not be practiced. It also shows how few cardio workouts can cause you to gain fat and lose muscles.

Jen Ferrugia is known to hold B.Sc. degree in ‘Exercise Movement Science’ and played college softball. She has been training and consulting, sharing different women based workout plans for a long time. She is also said to have competed in the United States’ NPC Figure and Fitness competitions.

Physiology that is behind the workout program of Jen is said to be based upon strength training. With increased new muscles, they can help your body for burning off fat much faster, thereby enjoying dual benefits, within a short time. You can have well defined muscles, while your body amps up burning of fat.

With the program, you are able to derive less fat, more muscles, better and healthier looking body. It also comprises of circuit trainings, which you can easily perform at the home or gym. Also, you are not required to have any kind of fancy equipments, since the circuit trainings comprise of effective and simple exercises designed exclusively for those women, who are eager to have a beautiful, bikini body.

Hence, with so much to gain, you can safely invest in this product and give it a try, as your investment is strongly backed with a 60 day money back guarantee. In short, if you are eager to have all eyes glued at you at any point of time, then it is Jen’s eBook that should be availed immediately.

Conclusion: If you are one of those women who are overweight or obese and feel turned down, whenever you look at your favorite model and your figure at the mirror, rue no more. does bring you a wonderful and miracle program and assures you to get the best results within a short time. You can now lose a good amount of pounds within few months of constant practice of all the sessions which are mentioned in the program. Since all the methods and techniques promoted are time tested and proven to be safe, you can easily have a body that can help you to enhance your confidence and win favors everywhere from everyone and also enjoy getting excellent remarks. This review is more than enough for you to avail this guide now! So, why wait! Grab immediately a copy of Jen’s Bikini Body Workout program right now and see the difference for yourself.

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